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Trade Name / 屋号

Professional Engineering Design Firm: Nexus R&D

Services: Consulting and engineering services for mechatronics products

Address: Postal code 444-1162   Ogawa Town, Anjo City, Aichi, JAPAN

Nexus R&D logo

個人技術士事務所:Nexus R&D


所在地:〒444-1162 愛知県安城市小川町

Affiliated Organizations / 加盟している団体

・prostep IVIP association :

  An international association for digital transformation in the manufacturing industry,

  headquartered in Germany


Mission / ミッション

Promoting digital engineering / 


Prevention of troubles regarding to reliability, functionality and performance / 


Vision / ビジョン

A world where all design and evaluation related to reliability, functionality, performance, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, and re-use and disposal can be completed in virtual space, and where industrial products and services can operate for life without troubles / 

Values / バリュー

Design in virtual space for all /



Reduction of resource loss due to troubles / 


President / 代表

Picture of president of Nexus R&D

Riichi Nagao / 永尾 理一

​Professional Engineer, Japan

(Mechanical Engineering) / 技術士(機械部門)

Memberships / 会員




  • Japan Society of Professional Engineers / 日本技術士会

  • Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers / 日本機械学会

  • Japan Society of Automotive Engineers / 日本自動車技術会

Introduction / 自己紹介

After completing a master's degree in mechatronics at a New Zealand university, I worked in the research laboratory of a major general electronics manufacturer in Japan. I was engaged in the development of a cloud-based information infrastructure system that supports policy decisions to improve the design accuracy of machanical structures and optimize operation and maintenance plans by utilizing machine operating IoT data.

Then, I transferred jobs to the advanced development department of a Tier 1 automotive supplier and engaged in planning, development, and prototyping of electric powertrain systems.

Further after that I working for a start-up company specializing in 1D CAE contract development and consulting, became independent as a professional engineering office in mechanical accredited by the Japanese government.




1D CAE 受託開発及びコンサルティングを専門に行う、ベンチャー企業への勤務で経て、機械部門の技術士事務所として独立

Skills / スキル

・Core technologies:

                Material mechanics, Fracture mechanics, Strength reliability (static/fatigue), Vibration,

                Thermal, Lightweight, Analytics, Control

・Material knowledge:

                Steel/Aluminum alloy, Composites (CFRP), Resins/Polymer Materials


・Mechanical element design:

                beam/Shaft structure, Fastening, Welding, Bonding, Mating, Gears, Bearings

・CAE Simulation

                3D FEM (elastic-plastic, vibration, thermal, topology)

                3D Muti Body Dynamics                                     

                1D MBSE, MBD (controller model, physical model)

・CAD:3D Modeling, 2D Drawing



  Cloud computing : Microsoft Azure


               Element test (material strength, modal time history, random response, impact, heat cycling)

    System testing of products/services (including HILS, RCP)

    Planning ⇒ Test environment / Test sample design ⇒ Testing ⇒ Result analysis ⇒ Feedback








・ CAEシミュレーション:

                3D FEM (弾塑性、振動、熱、トポロジー) 

                3D 機構解析                                           

                1D MBSE, MBD (コントローラ、プラント)

・CAD:3Dモデリング、2D 製図



  Cloud computing : Microsoft Azure



               製品/サービスのシステム試験 (HILS、RCP等含む)

               計画 ⇒ 環境構築/サンプル設計 ⇒ 実施 ⇒ 結果分析 ⇒ 結果フィードバック

Product Knowledge / 製品知識

Wind power generation, Nuclear power generation, Power transmission equipment, Industrial robots, Rail systems and Construction vehicles,

Automotive components/parts

HEV, PHEV, BEV powertrain systems, Motors, Inverters, Wiring harnesses, Suspension system, Brake system, White body



HEV、PHEV、BEV パワートレーンシステム、モータ、インバータ、ワイヤーハーネス、サスペンション、ブレーキ、車体

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