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Nexus R&D

In order to achieve a sustainable society while preserving the SDGs, the circular economy, carbon neutrality, the development of industrial products and services in the future required to be designed in a virtual space to reduce resource loss from planning, development, mass production, operation and re-use.

Nexus R&D provides support to start-ups, from small to major companies, academia in order to design industrial products and services in a virtual space and prevent resource loss due to rework and troubles.


Nexus R&Dは、スタートアップ企業、中小大手企業、アカデミア、社会全体が連携しつつ、バーチャル空間で工業製品やサービスを創り込み、開発手戻りや不具合の発生による資源ロスを防止できるように、伴走型の技術支援を提供します。

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